"Brought up on a farm in the world of simplicity and entrepreneurship, Michele Dzioba learned it’s most important to do what you love and live life with passion. As the name of her business, For the Love of Wood, implies, Michele pursues her dreams through woodworking right here in St. Augustine.

In an effort to be frugal, the first time Michele picked up a power tool (an old skill saw) was to transform a dresser into a media stand. It was then that she realized her desire to explore the world of wood and its possibilities – but not in the aspect of refinishing the work of others – but to create!

Fast forward from November 2015 to present day, Michele is a self-taught woodworker (she thanks YouTube!), forever learning and absolutely loving what she does. She says the process of creating something exquisite out of discarded or simple lumber is extremely nourishing to her soul.

Creating special pieces for friends and family honed Michele’s skills and fueled inspiration and excitement for future projects. Today, Michele handcrafts wooden furniture and décor for every room as well as outdoor living.

Michele says the world is filled with people who wander around most of their lives trying to find their purpose or “why”. She’s thrilled to have found her “why”… For the Love of Wood.

Stop by For the Love of Wood booth at Made in St. Augustine® to shop Michele’s handcrafted wood furniture and décor."

Source: https://www.madeinstaugustinefest.com/blog/2017/9/28/for-the-love-of-wood